Owners of My Grind Coffee Co., Calyn Kir, Mitchell Monaco, and Jeron Kir (left to right)

Our Story.

With their time exploring Europe, co-founders Mitch Monaco and Calyn Kir felt there was a gap in knowledge and individuality in the coffee industry. After browsing the vast selection of coffee's in an Irish cafe, the duo set out to disturb the coffee industry and give freedom back to the consumer, and allow them to create a coffee special to them. When returning home the two joined forces with Jeron Kir to create My Grind Coffee Co. Inspired by the luxury of coffee, the team "grinds" towards delivering a transformed coffee experience, one cup at a time.

Our Goal.

Billions of people drink coffee every day, but only a small fraction understand the nuanced complexities of good coffee. Frankly, that is because coffee is too complicated for the average sipper, and we want to change that. My Grind Coffee Co aims to deliver quality coffee made for any time, feeling or activity, without confusing coffee terminology. Simply, we strive to provide a cup of coffee that resonates with you and allows you to take on each day with a positive mindset.

We plan to allow coffee lovers to cater to their tastes and customize their own signature blends. Along with personalized coffee, My Grind seeks to introduce supplements and coffee additives to truly take the coffee-drinking experience to the next level.