Keto coffee in clear mug with cinnamon stick and coffee beans for display

Keto Coffee

Want a creamy rich cup of coffee but don't want the sugary calorie rich creams and sugars? Try a keto coffee!

1 cup of your favourite My Grind coffee
1-2 tbsp grassfed un-salted butter
1 tbsp MCT or coconut oil
A dash of cinnamon
(get creative and add honey, nut powders, flavour extracts etc. based on your liking)

Blend for 20 to 30 seconds,
pour into your favourite coffee mug and enjoy!

Benefits of keto coffee:
The addition of butter and MCT/ coconut oil combines for a great boost of energy in the morning and mental clarity, providing the brain with energy dense fats! Keto coffee can also help to curb appetites and allow you to grind away without feeling hungry.

Top down view of cinnamon brown sugar shaken espresso iced beverage

Cinnamon Brown Sugar Shaken Espresso

Want to feel like barista but don't quite have the skills? "Fancy" coffee made easy...

2 - 4 oz of Rise & Grind Espresso (brewed)
1 teaspoon of brown sugar
A dash of cinnamon
6- 8 oz Milk or milk alternative

Place all ingredients into a shaker cup and shake until thoroughly mixed. Pour into your favorite coffee mug and enjoy!